It’s finally ready!

The dream is finally a reality!  As many of you know, a couple years ago my buddy Travis and I began chasing the dream of building a surf shack in Costa Rica.   Now after three years of intermittent work, lot’s of surf, colossal efforts from Ricardo(our amazing caretaker), our families and many of you,  Casa Escondia has finally come together and we’re ready to share.  Please take a minute to check out our website and give us some feedback.   Also, if you, or anyone you know is looking for a place to rent for their vacation in paradise  Casa Escondida is available.  If some of you have been thinking about making a trip to Costa maybe this will spur you on.   For the next two weeks we are offering the house for $45 per night.  If you book a trip before March 21st for anytime in the next twelve months, we will give you this deal for the first week, if you want it for longer we will drop the rate to $35 per night.  If you want it for even longer, or want to ask us some questions, drop us line.

Pura Vida!

Casa Escondida

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