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I haven’t even unpacked and I’m ready to go back for more

Just back from a week at Casa Escondida doing some much needed updating and maintenance. It’s amazing how much care a home in the tropics really takes.  Between fighting the ever encroaching jungle, trying to deal with unpredictable municipal water … Continue reading

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Casa escondida has space available until June 19th

I realize that this is pretty last minute for most folks, but if you’re feeling the urge to kick back on the beach and sip some cold Imperials.  Now would be a perfect time to use some of the those … Continue reading

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“Like” Casa Escondida

You are one step closer to a free night in Paradise.  How? First, “Like” us and we will give you one night free at Casa Escondida in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica. Then, Book a minimum 3 night stay at Casa … Continue reading

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Today is the last day to book at “the finally ready rate”

Hey Everyone!  Today is the last chance to book Casa Escondida at $45 per night.  After today we will go back to our regular rate of $70 per night.  Get in touch if you are interested.  Thanks!

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It’s Finally Ready Update

Thanks so much for all the positive feedback about our house!  We are really happy with the results of our efforts and everyone who has stayed there has been thrilled with the house and their experience in Costa Rica.  This … Continue reading

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It’s finally ready!

The dream is finally a reality!  As many of you know, a couple years ago my buddy Travis and I began chasing the dream of building a surf shack in Costa Rica.   Now after three years of intermittent work, lot’s … Continue reading

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Kim heading in for a swim

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At sunset everyone heads to the beach to watch the amazing show!

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Playa Hermosa

The beach close to home

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